823016 FlipLock Safety Insulin Syringe w/ Fixed Needle

Sold by Box of 100 Each - 30G 1mL.CC 5/16 - 8 mm
SKU: MHC-823016-BX
Manufacturer part number: 823016
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Vendor: MHC

Neddle Technology

Our EasyTouch needles are specifically engineered to provide patients with the maximum level of confort.

  • Tri-bevel Cut for Superior Sharpness.
  • Anti-coring Technology.
  • Electropolished to Remove Burrs.
  • Thin-walled for Maximun Flow.
  • Film-coated for Comfortable Injection.


Our EasyTouch packaging makes finding the right syringe quick and easy. Syringe gauge, length, and mL/cc appear on 5 panels of each box.


Color-coded by Gauge.

Color-coded by Syringe Technology.

Iso Standard Color Indicator.

Bilingual Packaging (ENG/ESP)

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